KEB 하나은행 스마트폰 뱅킹-Hana 1Q bank App Reviews

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Please make English version!

No English

HANA bank is merging with KEB and there app is completely in Korean. KEB had an English app but HANA doesnt give a crap.

Do not upgrade this version!

업그레이드 후 앱 크러시 현상 발생 아이폰6s+ 유접니다. 빠른 조치 바랍니다

NO OPTION to switch to ENGLISH!!

Im currently a KEB customer, and by 6/7/16, I was told I need to start using this app due to the KEB+Hana merger. So I pre-downloaded it to check it out, but there is no option to change it to ENGLISH! So frustrating!!!

Worse than useless. Cant transfer certificate

Now I cant use it all. Are you really a bank?? Didnt you test this?

They broke what wasnt broken

Great way to earn your customers trust by not giving them a choice. This app is useless and feels like ActiveX all over again.

English option hidden away

Supposedly you can use this in English, but its a mystery to me where that option is. Hopefully the app will be updated so the other language options are available. I speak Korean pretty well, but not well enough to decipher this mess.


English available? As if. Spent over an hour trying to find the English language without any luck. This app is horrible compared to the old KEB app!


Add English language. And there is no easy log in to the app like finger print!

Horrible service

The process for setting up this app and Internet banking in general is horrible. It should be a lot more streamlined and accessible. I cant even use Internet banking because I own and use a Mac. Why make a app for a device from a company you dont even support services for?

Cant run on ip5s with ios7

what a crap!

Needs English

This app is good. But it needs to have English language.

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